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Academically InformED believes that parental involvement in education, plays a major role in academic performance.  21st Century technologies has made it possible to simply enhance collaboration between teachers, parents, and students in a matter of seconds.  Teacher App & Grade Book by Academically InformEd was created to produce a more efficient and effective way for teachers to relay valuable educational information to parents, and students.  Imagine if student performance could be enhanced using a device that is naturally part of your everyday life.  As parents and students become informed, accountability can be stored and measured.  

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Example: With parents working longer hours and extra jobs, it can be difficult for them to remain completely involved with the education of their children.  In return, student work and participation decreases.  At the time of report card conferences, the parent is completely surprised that their son or daughter has received failing grades. The parent at this point, would like an explanation, and proof of contact from the teacher.  It is well known that many of our children will do whatever it takes to not disappoint their parents.  Throughout the semester, the child could have been forging signatures, changing grades, intercepting phone calls, and throwing away mail.  In this case, is seems the parent was not informed, and had no prior knowledge that their child was not doing well in school.
Solution: With Teacher App & Grade Book by Academically InformED parents will constantly have knowledge of the performance of their child.  Teachers can quickly send messages, absence notices, student notes, grades, and class updates in a matter of minutes straight to the parents phone.  We know that in this day and age, people rarely allow their phone to leave their sides.  With that said, additional security will ensure the parents will be able to send and receive information that is password protected.  Students will also be aware of their grades, absences, notes, and more which will allow for students to accept ownership for their performance in school.  When it comes time for report card conferences, the teacher, parent, and student will all know what to expect because everyone was informed.
Academically InformED has been created based on ideas from professionals working directly with students within the United States Education System. It is clear that increased technology, parental involvement, and new and innovative tools are required to enhance our current education system.  Teacher App & Grade Book by Academically InformEd provides all of the aforementioned tools in a simple user friendly design. The Academically InformEd team are not only professionals, but they are also parents.  We are informEd on the educational performance of our children.  Are you?